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Sifu Skegg executing a Biu Gon from the Luk Dim Bun Gon (Six and a Half Point Pole) Form. March, 2012

Sifu Skegg's assistant and associate, Sifu Al French at the grave site of Toby Utterstrom, one of Al's most influential teacher's in his life.(18 August 2009)


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"Indeed. I've learned a couple of "internal" systems in the past--both of Shaolin origins. In neither case was the instructor able to demonstrate anything in terms of the internal. They surely believed in it, trying to heal people through touch, and all that stuff. But in terms of actually being capable...not so much. Subsequently I wrote off the "internal" perspective as being just another perspective of physics, momentum, inertia, kinetic energy and the transference of it.

Yet something always seemed to still be missing in my gung fu. The physical movements are easy for me--always have been--I've learned entire systems (from a technique perspective) in just a few months time. But I always knew there was something more to it and simply couldn't find anyone that was capable of showing that to me--until I met you of course.

So even if the training is going to be brief, I believe that the insight gained will be invaluable. You've brought back my faith in the belief of the powers of gung fu."



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